IMG_4601xWalter Reed is an artist who comes from a family of farmers and latterly gardeners. His professional career in architecture spans twenty years and includes 18 years at international architecture firm 3DReid. Since moving to London SE5, he has been designing, building and using art and gardens to develop place-making around his home in Loughborough Junction, where he is a community activist.



IMG_4613xPolly Richards has a longstanding interest in visual art, design, music, and literature. She learned about organic gardening and biodynamic planting while living in a largely self-sufficient alternative community in Wales.




We use the ways of thinking we have learned in the arts in our approach to making gardens. We don’t expect the ideas that form each work to be immediately evident, but we know they lend cogency and interest on an additional level to the purely visual. We love the processes involved in design and making – gardens are perfect for us because they are in perpetual flux – and want our clients to engage with this too. Their requests and responses, tastes and suggestions, interact with our notions for the site in an exciting and dynamic way. It is important to us to employ people on ethical terms, and to source materials, and to plan our gardens, with the environment in mind.