Art & Sculpture

This gallery shows some of the art an sculptural elements we have included in our gardens.

Walter has a long-term commitment to place-making projects using planting and art in his neighbourhood of Loughborough Junction. He is an established and experienced artist in varied media and scale. Walter’s architectural background informs his approach to creating a whole integrated, attractive space through the use of art pieces. He can also supply high quality still or moving images of the project, as well as short promotional videos that will contextualise and raise awareness of the project.

Walter worked with Dermot Daly on an installation installed in the Red Gate Gallery in Loughborough Junction, called the Big Picture. The installation consisted of panels, mobiles and standing objects linked by a salt path.  Walter curated a live performance show called ‘The Creative Cycle’ which was integrated with the installation reflecting the core ideas of the show involving 30 performers and included poetry music, spoken word, dance, kabuke and a choir.

Walter worked with Dermot Daly again to create a permanent installation of 23 paving slabs in the streets around Loughborough Junction creating three trails leading towards the Cambria Bridge, the first in the 7 Bridges project.  Each trail represents the evolution of a different type of stem cell.  They then worked with 4 different writers to create a sequence of 3 stories and a poem commemorating the effects of the First World War on the area. An app was created linking the stories to the paving slabs like chapters of a book, with the stories unfolding from paving slab to paving slab.

The 7 Bridges project is a project being organised by Walter to help regenerate the area by inviting artists to intervene with the 6 bridges visible from the center of Loughborough Junction, and to breath life back into the community.