Lewes – Shingle garden


This small sheltered town garden, had been untouched for several years. A busy woman in her late seventies, it was important to require minimal maintenance. Views from the house and entertaining friends were her main requirements.

Original garden


Our re-landscaping took the themes of shingle and weathered timber, with a nod to Derek Jarman’s garden in Dungeness.

The project included

  • bespoke furniture design
  • mirrors (to reflect some light into the constantly in-shade back of the house)
  • wooden sculptures
  • solar powered water feature and festoon lighting
  • herb bed
  • herringbone brick pavers
  • hardwood decking
  • garden shed (using a sealed up brick extension at the back of the house)
  • low-maintenance, wildlife-friendly planting
  • cosmposting area
  • recycling storage area

Much of the timber was salvaged from the Woodstore community recycling project in Brighton, including some from the old Brighton pier.

Final plan

A diagonal line of oak sleepers brings the back of the garden closer to the house when viewed from the living room, while at the same time making the garden feel longer from outside.  The sleepers form the base of a sleek bench for the table,  adding height to the rear of the garden.

Grasses spray up from the shingle, and rock plants create globes of interest.

The herb bed at the rear of the garden provides a sensory delight when sitting at the table.

The fern planter sits outside the kitchen door in an area of constant shade, and creates space to conceal the recycling bins below, while providing a green haven visible from the living room.

A fountain gurgles in a pool of shingle, as an assembled sculpture of found metal rods and pipes indicates a vertical spray planted within.

Mirrors with recycled timber frames are placed within the Russian vine on the rear wall of the garden to add points of interest and reflect  light towards the shaded back of the house.

Copper used to protect the frame of the trellis was also used on the bird house roof.

Shingle garden x