Loughborough Farm willow cell

Walter has been involved with the Loughborough Farm community growing project in London SE5 since its inception in 2014. The Farm provides training for food growing, DIY projects and spaces for the community to hold meetings and events At the front of the site, vegetables, herbs and fruit are grown in portable planters, while the back holds the “Wild Mind Yard”, an area to encourage mindfulness.  The Yard includes various spaces: a meeting area set in a wood henge; a sheltered bench to watch the sun go down; performance spaces.  The Willow Cell is designed to provide a calm private space within the Farm. Organic and gently curved in shape, it was planted early in 2016 and soon began to show signs of growth. By the summer it should be completely enclosed and will form a special area for children’s story-telling, poetry events and art performances, as well as for mindful meditation.